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Church wind white outdoor activity tent
    • Church wind white outdoor activity tent
    • Church wind white outdoor activity tent
    • Church wind white outdoor activity tent
    • Church wind white outdoor activity tent
    • Church wind white outdoor activity tent
    • Church wind white outdoor activity tent
    • Church wind white outdoor activity tent
Product Details

631164197606361.pngWe supply the full range of the small tents for sale, which can be used for small wedding, party, festival celebration,and commercial display and so on.The small tent is modular structure,without any central poles,100% utilized inner space, and can be with decoration roof lining and curtain to make different event surroundings.


Standard Size(custom-made size is welcome):

1)Span Width: 3m,6m,8m,9m,10m,12m,15m,18m,20m,21m,25m,30m,40m.

2)Length: not limited,extended by 3m/unit or 5m/unit.

3)Eave height: from 2m to 10m,standard is 2.5m,3m,4m and 5m.

Frame Material:

1)Hard pressed extruded aluminium 6061/T6(15HW) with Fluorine carbon paint coating(PVDF).

2)Conector is made of zinc powder-coated steel.

3)The frame is strong,durable,light in weight,not easy to rust and distort.

Fabric Material:

1)Double PVC-coated polyester textile.Any color is available.
2)850g/m2 for roof PVC,650g/m2 for sidewall PVC.

3)Waterproof and anti-leakage,Anti-UV,Anti-mildew,flame retardant to DIN4102 B1/M2

4)Temperature resistance(℃) :-40℃-70℃.

Character & Features:

1)The maximum allowed wind speed is 100km/h.

2)No pole inside,space can be 100% utilized.

3)very easy and very fast to install and dismantle.

4)Convinient to transport and store,Temporary or permanent use is available.

5)Can be fixed on all grounds with Expansion screw/Steel nail/Weight plate.

6.2 Expansion screw:For hard surface,like cement,concrete,tarmac,etc.

6.1 Steel nail: For soft ground surface like,earth,sand,lawn,etc.

6.3 Weight plate:For the ground can’t be damaged,like marble, ceramic & tiles,etc.


SpecificationSpan width (m)Bay distance (m)Side height (m)Ridge height (m)

Main frame profile



Tent Accessories:

Transparent fabric,Colorful fabric,Transparent church windows.

Solid wall: PVC wall,glass wall,ABS wall,sandwiched wall

Glass door: double-wing glass door,sliding glass door,Single glass door

Inner decoration:Roof lining and wall curtain,lighting and chandeliers

Inner furniture:Tables and chairs,Bar tables,truss and stage,carpet,Air-condition

Wooden flooring,rain gutter and ventilation system

Ramp for glass doors,Ladder and scaffolding to install tent and lining

Silk screen printing of your logo on tent fabric

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