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The difference between pagoda party tent and pagoda Canopy


With the rapid development of the economy, both pagoda party tent and canopy are very common, many people think that the two are the same object, it is difficult to identify the difference, so pagoda party tent and pagoda Canopy is not the same thing in the end? When to use pagoda party tent, when to use pagoda Canopy, how to choose it?

pagoda party tent


First of all pagoda party tent exists in various shapes, pointed, long, square, round, oddly shaped, etc., while Canopy conventional shapes are herringbone, spiked, spherical, peach, arched, double, and even shaped. This comparison may feel that both tents and canopies have their own shapes.

But in terms of scale, they have a big difference. pagoda party tent is generally small, the area is fixed, each specification has a fixed size, basically not more than 50 square meters, more suitable for travel and outdoor camping convenient to carry; while Canopy belongs to the unitary combination structure, the span can range from 3-50 meters, the length is a multiple of 3 or 5 arbitrary extension of the The Canopy is a unitary structure with a span of 3-50 meters and a length of 3 or 5 times longer to meet the needs of different customers. It can be used on sand, concrete, lawn and ground that cannot be destroyed.


The pagoda party tent is a temporary shelter on the ground for sheltering from wind and rain, sunlight and temporary housing, mostly made of canvas, which can be dismantled and removed anywhere, anytime together with the stand. pagoda party tent is carried in parts and assembled on site, so many parts and tools are needed.

Canopy's main structure is composed of two parts: the frame is mainly made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is beautiful and rust-proof, stable and durable, and has a long life; the tarp is made of synthetic fiber cloth with double-sided knife-scraped PVC coating, which is fire-retardant, stretch-resistant, tear-resistant, rainproof and sunproof, and self-cleaning. And can flexibly expand its activity space, with strong ductility.


pagoda party tent is more limited, generally used as shade from the sun and rain, field camping, temporary housing, simple stalls, etc., and then is the climbing tent, which is more familiar to outdoor sportsmen. Short life span and small specifications.

The characteristics of Canopy determine the use of Canopy. It is a kind of temporary outdoor building that can be moved. Canopy is called "mobile property" because of its flexible installation and disassembly, and light storage and transportation. It is widely used in industrial warehousing, logistics distribution, exhibitions, sports events, outdoor weddings, celebrations, military disaster relief and other temporary activities.

high peak frame tents


The pagoda party tent is relatively simple, mainly a space for sheltering from the wind and sun, with a small cost and a single purpose.

Canopy interior can be matched with many supporting facilities, such as ceiling drapery, ABS hard wall, glass wall, glass door, air conditioning, wooden floor, carpet and stage lighting and sound facilities. The company can also customize different sizes of canopy according to the actual needs of customers, which is highly flexible and the cost is much more economical than general solid state buildings.


The pagoda party tent is a small structure with conventional materials, and the temporary construction of ordinary solid, in terms of use also seems to be more common conventional, so the value of the pagoda party tent is generally tens of dollars, hundreds of dollars, more to thousands of dollars a.

Canopy is usually quoted on a per square meter basis, with each square meter quoted at around $200-800. Why is it in such a price range? Because different sizes and shapes of Canopy will be different in material and space structure, the cost will be very different, and finally based on the unit price to calculate the total price. Some large event Canopy size is very large, thousands of square meters, tens of thousands of square meters, then a Canopy will do 100,000, a million dollars.

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