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A new choice of the outdoor party -- Pagoda party tent


Pagoda party tent is different from ordinary tents and traditional buildings, it is equivalent to a temporary building, safer and more reliable than tents, more convenient than traditional buildings, can be built for different types of sites quickly and flexibly. Moreover, the Pagoda party tent is convenient for disassembly, transportation, and combination diversification. And as night falls, the unique pagoda-shaped tent, plus the lighting, is a wonderful party!

pagoda party tent

The roof of the pagoda party tent can be covered with transparent tarpaulin, and the walls can be covered with glass walls or transparent tarpaulin, like a beautiful Crystal Palace. With exquisite interior decoration, a pagoda party tent can be more prominent style, more eye-catching, creating a fantastic atmosphere. Pagoda party tent also has environmental protection properties, which can meet the need of indoor lighting during the day without lighting, saving a lot of power consumption, not only environmental protection but also controlling the operating costs. Pagoda party tent on the construction site requirements are not high, generally such as cement, beach, lawn, etc., can be flexible to build. However, for safety reasons, in the site above trees, wires, and other obstacles, or below the pipe and cable obstacles, as well as uneven ground, is not recommended as a place to build. Pagoda party tent is not only flexible and practical in the open air, but also enhances the possibilities of the open-air party and enhances the whole new concept of the party.

pagoda party tent

You can buy or rent a Pagoda party tent, tailor-made to your needs from Changzhou Expo Tent Co., Ltd. Please send us an email at:baggio@expo-tent.com for more information.

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