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Large geodesic dome, new travel experience


The variety show on TV has become very popular recently in rural idyllic life, where guests live in beautiful lodgings surrounded by natural scenery and enjoy the scenery of lakes, mountains and clear wind, and bright moon. The guest houses are exquisite, with large areas of glass and color, and if you're looking forward to them, try the geodesic dome.

Large geodesic dome

The average house isn't designed to be a TV or a bed and breakfast, but the large geodesic dome is, because of its weight and composition, according to the designer's mind can be carried out on the design of a lot of transformation. For example, the superposition of color blocks, glass greenhouse-style design, in the day can be seen everywhere beautiful natural wind, and at night with light in the very crystal warm.

A large geodesic dome doesn't require a lot of space for a tent, but it can be built on grass, concrete, or even on a beach, where it can be difficult to build a permanent structure, so by greatly increasing the degree of intimacy between the Traveler and nature, the large geodesic dome is able to enjoy things that traditional architecture can not.

Choose Geodesic Dome to rent, you can fresh nature, simple and generous, bright, extreme luxury, give you a novel travel experience!

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