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Multi-Side Tent

Multi Side Tent includes: hexagonal tent room, octagonal tent room, ten side tent room, twelve side tent room, etc.
The standard side height is 2.6M. The material of the support is high-strength oxidized aluminum alloy. The tent fabric is made of fire-retardant double-sided PVC synthetic fiber cloth (with blackout and semi-blind).
Octagonal tent room: divided into three series according to the main tube diameter: ET/OCT, GT/OCT, BT/OCT. the material of the bracket is high-strength oxidized aluminum alloy 6061/T6 (hardness 13HW).
Decagonal tent room: Decagonal tent roof is composed of ten sides. Decagonal tent room has various configurations, and its functions and uses are further expanded.
Twelve-sided tent room: twelve-sided tent room is configured with a spire and 1/2 twelve-sided end unit on the basis of the ordinary 30M span tent room.

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