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Clear roof transparent tent attracts attention


The mobile tent is a very common temporary building in business activities, activities in a variety of forms, there are many forms of the mobile tent for the event organizers to choose from. A clear roof transparent tent is one of these and is often used in outdoor shows.

The Clear roof transparent tent was developed on the basis of a dome, with a variety of sizes and shapes, and a spacious interior that provides enough space for events of all sizes.

Clear roof transparent tent

Similarly, the appearance of a Clear roof transparent tent can be decorated to meet the needs of the event. It can be printed on the tarpaulin and painted with some designs. According to its special shape can be added lights, ornaments or hanging some decorations. In the light and shadow effects of the background, the hemispherical dome can play more of its role.

On the quality side, a Clear roof transparent tent is as strong and durable as any other roof. Using high hardness galvanized iron pipe or aluminum alloy profiles, the frame is not easy to rust very durably, generally can be used for more than 10 years. And the tarpaulin is a double-layer shading PVC tarpaulin, under normal circumstances can be used for 5-8 years, but also can be sprayed on the tarpaulin, coupled with a complete mobile tent supporting facilities, to meet the different needs of a spherical tent.

Clear roof transparent, You can buy or rent a Clear roof transparent, tailor-made to your needs from Changzhou Expo Tent Co. . , Ltd. . Please send us an email at: Baggio@expo-tent. COM for more information.

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