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Four-point maintenance of Polygon rent in winter


The cold and special weather in winter has a certain influence on the use of Polygon Tent, which is mainly reflected in low temperature and snowfall and rain. The low temperature will affect the activity of the people in the Polygon Tent, and the heavy snowfall and rain have some hidden danger to the firmness and safety of the Polygon Tent, so we should do the necessary maintenance.

There are four basic requirements for the maintenance of the Polygon tent in winter:

Polygon Tent

1. Reinforce the Polygon Tent. Winter winds and snowfall and rain will have an impact on the Polygon Tent itself. Additional reinforcement should be added to the Polygon Tent for normal use after prior knowledge of weather conditions.

2. Regular inspection, in winter and other special weather needs to strengthen the inspection of Polygon Tent fasteners if there is a loose timely solution.

3. Snow removal and snow prevention work, use Polygon Tent in winter should pay attention to weather conditions in time, do snow removal and snow prevention preparation work before university weather, such as snow removal agent, heating pad, snow removal ditch, etc...

4. Warm work, cold winter weather on the movement of people and machinery is a problem, so do a good job of warm measures, such as increasing the thickness of the tarpaulin, removing the larger air inlet, increase heating equipment.

Cold weather in winter, but we Polygon rent practitioners are not afraid of the cold, we will use our enthusiasm and meticulous work to protect the activities of Polygon rent renters smoothly. You can buy or rent a Polygon Tent, tailor-made to your needs from Changzhou Expo Tent Co. . , Ltd. . Please email us at Baggio@expo-tent. COM for more information.

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