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A new application of Polygon Tent: Tent Badminton Hall


With the promotion of health care awareness, more and more people, especially young people love sports. Even the number of gyms has increased, and gyms are now found in almost every large and medium-sized residential area. And badminton is also a sport that many people love, but badminton stadium requires a larger venue, if the building is built inside the badminton stadium is costly. In this case, many people choose to build badminton courts with Polygon Tent, a new application of Polygon Tent.

Polygon Tent

First of all, the cost of building a badminton hall with Polygon Tent is advantageous. Compared with the traditional cement building hall, Polygon Tent Hall has the advantages of simple approval process, low cost and high speed. And the space is large, plastic, for the venue owners of the various site requirements can be achieved, but the construction or leasing will be hindered by the actual situation.

On the other hand, the functionality of the Polygon Tent badminton hall is adjustable and can be installed on top of the Tent if additional equipment such as air conditioning is required. Interior decoration and exterior image can also be adjusted, can be said to be very flexible and changeable.

Finally, the Polygon badminton hall is constructed with an all-aluminum frame and has a service life of more than 50 years, it can also be directly replaced or changed to new equipment when it needs to be adjusted later.

Therefore, it is a very wise choice to build a badminton hall with Polygon Tent. Besides badminton hall, tennis, basketball and volleyball games can also use Polygon Tent as a sports hall, it is a wise choice to be free from the natural effects and at the same time very economical.

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