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No joint office space? Polygon Tent to help you


Co-working is a new way of working. The members of different departments are brought together in the same place for certain business purposes. They can speak freely, share ideas, and communicate ideas and opinions of different departments, make an effort to improve office efficiency, achieve business goals, or organize an event.

Polygon Tent

A big problem with the idea of co-working is the lack of suitable space, and even large conference rooms don’t necessarily meet the needs of most people working together, the Polygon Tent is a great solution to this problem. The first requirement of the co-working space is that the space is large, the internal space utilization of Polygon Tent is high, and the size of Polygon Tent can be chosen according to the requirements, no matter how large the space requirements can be achieved. At the same time co-working also needs to meet the basic needs of personnel, Polygon Tent interior can be connected to water and electricity, installation of air conditioning and heating. If you have a problem with daylighting, you can also use a transparent tarpaulin. At the same time can also carry out a certain amount of decoration for the staff to create a good environment.

At present, the Joint Office Polygon Tent Rental project also has some attempts in the country, the company has built thousands of square meters of Polygon Tent in the parking lot of the factory, to accommodate several hundred people in the company to work together for a week. The Polygon Tent features a roof finish, bright, warm photos, a moving floor, and a clean, comfortable environment.

In addition to the requirements of the joint office, you can also choose the form of Polygon Tent if you have other activities that require a larger space, Polygon Tent can bring you a pleasant experience.

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