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High Peak party tents, a new way to increase sales


One of the problems in the restaurant and hotel industries has always been venue constraints, especially during holidays when customers often need to make reservations in advance to get a seat, but the hotel still has room to offer more. It’s not easy to find land big enough in the city, so why not choose high peak party tents to solve the problem?

high peak party tents

Many high-quality hotels have banquet rooms, but during peak business seasons such as the end of the year and the beginning of the year, there are often many guests. High Peak party tents can be used to set up temporary banqueting halls during these months when business is growing rapidly and services are not available. High Peak party tents are fast and can be erected weeks or even days after a contract is signed. These high peak party tents can be tailored to the hotel’s needs in terms of size, shape, exterior decoration, and interior facilities, and can be integrated into the hotel’s ethos.

One client we once had was the head of a hotel who, after learning about the product, signed a contract with me to build a tent that would house hundreds of people for a meal in just a few days. At the same time, due to the increase in catering capacity, the hotel can also receive some previously unavailable business, resulting in an increase in turnover of tens of millions.

This case also reinforces our passion to provide better service and create value for our clients, and hopefully provide a better experience with high peak party clients for your hotel.

You can buy or rent high peak party tents, tailor-made to your needs from Changzhou Expo Tent Co., Ltd. Please email us at:baggio@expo-tent.com for more information.

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