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How to fix the Polygon Tent


The large Polygon Tent has been widely used. They are flexible and can meet people’s various needs for space. They can be built quickly, without the need to build on the ground. Polygon Tent can not only help small and medium-sized enterprises to transform, but also can solve the off-season storage problems of major companies, in order to use Polygon Tent more safely, we need to pay attention to fixed methods.


First of all, the steel bar is fixed by a steel drill. When it is fixed, the anchorage depth of the steel drill should be calculated according to the required pulling force.

Second, the use of heavy fixed way: according to the weight of the material requirements installed on the bearing plate, this fixed way is relatively high cost, but can make the ground is not damaged, protect the ground.

Third, expansion bolts fixed: expansion screws are suitable for hitting the cement and grass, provided that the ground can be destroyed in the case, but requires on-site electrification, this method is more convenient to operate.

Four is the use of chemical anchor fixed: through a special chemical adhesive, the screw fixed in the concrete base material drilling, in order to achieve composite anchor fixed, suitable for concrete ground fixed.

Polygon Tent

There are different ways of fixing tents on different surfaces. Different types of fixation also produce different ground structures. These four fixings also demonstrate the safety of using Polygon Tent, which can be safely used in inclement weather. A good Tent also needs to be provided by a guaranteed Tent manufacturer. For more information on the Polygon Tent, please contact us.

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