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Features of high peak party tents


What are the characteristics of high peak party tents? Why is it so popular with so many people? Let's look at high peak party tents.


Features of high peak party tents

First of all, from the tent material analysis: the general roof tent frame uses high-strength aluminum alloy profiles. After oxidation treatment, bright color, and beautiful appearance, anti-ultraviolet anti-mildew, can effectively resist 8-10 gale. And the tarpaulin part of the use of double-coated PVC knife scraping cloth, rain and sun protection, and flame retardant, can withstand the temperature range of -40 ° C ~ 70 ° C.


high-peak party tents

Second, high peak party tents come in a variety of sizes, but they can also be customized to suit your needs. High Peak party tents are beautiful, stylish, and the choice of many people.


Nor is there only one fixed way. There are suitable for grass mud steel drill fixing method, cement floor expansion screw fixing method, and also suitable for marble and other ground load-bearing fixing method, customers can choose according to their actual needs.


In addition to the above, high peak party tents are flexible, short build cycle, have low terrain requirements, wide range of use, and can be used repeatedly. In addition to being used at weddings, high peak party tents can also be used at celebrations, parties, sports and leisure venues, exhibition entrances, car shows, etc. . High Peak party tents are unique and beautiful, and can meet your needs.


Expo Tent, founded in 2010, is a company that designs, manufactures, sells, rents, and rents tents and canopies. If you have any questions about high-peak party tents, feel free to contact us.

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