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Characteristics of high peak frame tents


Among the tents, one high peak frame tents shine like a light. Why? Let's start with the characteristics of high peak frame tents.


Characteristics of high peak frame tents


Light transmittance


High-peak frame tents' membranes are light-permeable, and when soft light enters the room, not only does it make working indoors feel like working outdoors, but it also feels natural. And in the daytime does not need illumination to be possible to satisfy the indoor daylighting need, saving the massive electric energy consumption. That environmental protection and control operating costs.


Large span


High Peak Frame tents offer a great deal of practical space with no internal obstacles.




High Peak Frame tents use double insulation for insulation and insulation.


high peak frame tents

Low requirements


High Peak Frame tents implement base requirements without the need for expensive engineering and building foundations.




The structure of high peak frame tents is firm and durable, the appearance of the tents is novel and beautiful, the quality is good and the price is cheap, and the economic benefit is obvious.


Founded in 2010, Exto Tent is a Tent company that designs, manufactures, and sells high-peak frame tents. If you need high peak frame tents, feel free to contact us.

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